Isabelle Burdel's

Field of flowers

Isabelle Burdel is determined to bring back the planting of flowers to Grasse, the original cradle of perfume.

She is passionate about the land and the people that work it. By protecting the earth, it’s an investment in human ability and in sustainability. Why travel so far when one can support local resources?

The field symbolises the rebirth of perfumery. A smaller field imposes a smaller harvest and ultimately a move away from industrialisation

There is a new found value in returning to artisanal techniques and respecting the rules of nature. The field is the source whereby Isabelle can extend her vision and dreams to her clients

During summer, evenings and sunrises are spent in the field. Isabelle uses this time to observe the terrain in the quest of furthering her knowledge but mostly to connect to the earth. Simply to smell and listen to the flowers is Isabelle’s creative boost.

It’s all about making space for the plants.

  • Made in France

  • Highest quality ingredients

  • Strong commitment to the land