The Olfactory Revelation fragrances transport you into the 7 olfactory families and respect every step of the creation process, from research to production, from traceability of materials to responsible and local packaging. 

Isabelle Burdel, the creator for Olfactory Revelation, is one of the most renowned perfumers in the world for her bespoke creations. For over 30 years, she has been crafting the most confidential and sought-after formulations for the privileged clientele of the ultra-luxury market. Isabelle Burdel is a member of the International Society of Perfumer Creators. 

For Olfactory Revelation, she creates the Absolute Perfume. With a unique concentration, these high-quality fragrances combine the finest raw materials from the region of Grasse.

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Isabelle Burdel

Isabelle Burdel, the perfume creator of the brand, works independently and by her own rules. Her work is known for concise compositions always favouring the quality of raw materials and concentration.

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Bespoke design

The bespoke design of the glass bottle is pure and structured with subtle curves. On the magnetic cap is the imprint of Isabelle Burdel's iconic rose.

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Production & packaging

Olfactory Revelation centralizes the creation, production and packaging of its perfumes within a perimeter of 20 km around Grasse, thus taking advantage of the know-how of French artisans.

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  • Made in France

  • Highest quality ingredients

  • Strong commitment to the land