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The trail of your dreams with perfume samples

Choosing a new fragrance isn't always easy. Launches in selective and niche perfumeries come at a rapid pace, and one can feel lost among the perfume displays. Moreover, a fragrance that stands out on someone else may smell different on your skin. Ideally, testing a fragrance over a few hours using perfume samples is essential to make the right choice.

Perfume samples, the discovery asset

We all dream of an unforgettable trail, of leaving our memory in the minds of others. The choice of a new perfume is, above all, a matter of emotion, alignment with our personality, and our skin. It's a choice that speaks about us. Beyond brand ambassadors, there are a thousand fragrances waiting for you, provided you find the one that suits you.

Because perfume is, above all, a matter of personal encounter. Whether it's a novelty that attracted your attention through advertising, a scent you noticed on a loved one, or a desire to explore other olfactory horizons in a boutique, it's essential to try it on your skin before making a decision. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Indeed, even if the differences are sometimes subtle, a fragrance can reveal itself differently on one person's skin compared to another. Furthermore, it evolves over time because not all the components have the same molecular weight. There are top notes, heart notes, and base notes.
The top notes, fresher and more volatile, last about fifteen minutes on a tester or the skin.
The heart notes define the fragrance's personality and can develop for up to 3 hours on a tester or the skin.
Finally, the base notes are what remains on the skin at the end of the day. That's why sometimes a fragrance that you initially like may disappoint you in its development, and vice versa.

This is where the value of perfume samples lies. They allow you to conduct a real-life test on your skin throughout a day before investing in a full bottle. You can also carry them in your handbag for touch-ups during the day or evening. Ideal for a perfect trail in all circumstances.

Making the right choice with perfume samples

When testing a perfume using a sample, pay attention to whether it meets your expectations. Whether your preferences lead you to floral, woody, or amber notes, the fragrance must, above all, please you and be a favorite. Whether you are looking for a rich trail or a more intimate one, the fragrance's diffusion should match your desires. You should feel comfortable with your perfume, whether it's an armor or a refuge, whether it defines your personality or expresses something else about you. Finally, before buying a full bottle, it's essential to ensure that the fragrance continues to please you throughout the day, just as it did with the initial spray.

Many brands now offer perfume sample sets to discover their collections. It's the perfect opportunity to test each of their fragrances in the comfort of your own home, away from the hustle and bustle of stores, to choose the one that suits you within a brand.

The Olfactory Revelation perfume sample set

Isabelle Burdel, a perfumer with 35 years of experience, has been independent for over 20 years. In her Salon Privé in Cannes, she creates tailor-made perfumes for individuals looking for a unique olfactory signature, translating her clients' emotions into fragrances to reveal their personalities.

It is from this experience that the O.R. by Isabelle Burdel brand was born. O.R. stands for Olfactory Revelation. These initials evoke gold in French, a precious material that embodies her philosophy. It's about enhancing the ingredients of perfumery through the richness of her fragrances, in a delicate and poetic style. A tribute to nature that comprises a range of nine perfumes, combining elegance, longevity, and creativity.

If the confidential charm of an exclusive range appeals to you, don't hesitate to order the perfume sample set from Olfactory Revelation! You will immerse yourself in a luxurious world. A range of nine creations that Isabelle Burdel has crafted with freedom and refinement. Each fragrance is presented in a pure and sophisticated bottle, with subtle curves, a magnetic cap, and signed with an iconic rose.

The nine perfume samples from Olfactory Revelation

Thanks to this perfume sample set, you can fall in love with the springtime joy of "Eau de Mai”, the radiant voluptuousness of “Tubéreuse Solaire”, the mischievous and fruity charm of “Vent Bohème”, or the woody depth of “Ebène et Pluie”. The perfume samples of “Ambre Fleuri” and “Blanc Absolu” will allow you to appreciate the powdery sensuality of the former and the musky softness of the latter. With the perfume sample of “Chant de Roses”, let yourself be captivated by a modern and sophisticated rose, with chypre and woody accents. The perfume sample of “Iris Velours” showcases the warm, woody, and leathery aroma of Agarwood, softened with iris and violet, enhanced by saffron. The perfume sample of “Soir d'Eté” elevates the freshness of white flowers with an airy and oceanic breath.

Thanks to the Olfactory Revelation perfume sample set, you can test each of the creations conceived by Isabelle Burdel. This gives you the opportunity to choose a fragrance that aligns with your olfactory profile and your personality. The one that will reveal the essence of your soul. A journey into the world of scents, an exciting quest, a luxury in itself.

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